Mediterranean morning marketBreakfast Buffet

Aquatichta has an image of a "Mediterranean morning market" and offers a rich menu breakfast buffet with Italian ingredients.There are many delicious dishes, such as panini cooked by a chef in the live kitchen and pasta with choices of ingredients.

Opening time 7:00~10:00(L.O.9:30)
Price ¥2,000(tax included)
  • ビュッフェ形式のご朝食


The chef will select three types of pasta and three types of sauces and make them right in front of you.We have a wide variety of toppings including cheese, caviar, and popular crab, so you can enjoy the fresh pasta with the toppings you like.

  • デザート

Over 30 kinds of desserts

Beginning with macaroons and cakes, it offers over 30 varieties of desserts and coffee that go well with desserts and desserts. The tea is topped with dried fruits and other toppings, allowing you to enjoy tea that you've never tasted before.Enjoy Aquaticta's proud desserts with coffee and tea.

  • ビュッフェ形式のご朝食


French pressed coffee is a simple coffee made with coarse ground beans.It's simple, but it depends on the amount of hot water and the amount of time it takes to brew.Aquachitta will be brewed after your order is placed, so you can enjoy a delicious coffee that is fresh.Aquachitta also offers 4 types of sugar and 8 types of dried fruits as coffee and tea toppings.By removing dried fruits with black tea, you can enjoy a "flavored tea" that spreads the sweetness and fragrance of slightly fruity fruits within the bitterness of the tea.Please enjoy it.

1F lounge

Opening time 24hours
Welcome drink serving time 15:00~18:00
Water server 24hours

    アクアチッタナハ ロゴ

    Hotel AQUA CITTA Naha
    〒900-0016 3-2-20 Maejima, Naha, Okinawa, Japan
    Check In 15:00 / Check Out 11:00