Naminoue Beach

  • キッズスペース

    Naminoue Beach

    The beach is Naha's only swimmable beach. It's also within walking distance of an urban area, so even for city people who don't have cars, you can easily visit Okinawa's sea. It takes about 15 minutes on foot from the hotel and 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport by the Umisora Tunnel.

    Tomari Passenger Terminal

    • ウェルカムコーヒーサービス

      Tomari Passenger Terminal

      Tomari Port is the gateway that connects Naha and the Kerama Islands through regular routes. From the terminal known as Tomarin, you can visit major islands such as Zamami Island, Tokashiki Island, and Akashima Island. The Kerama Islands are known around the world for their beautiful blue waters and rich natural surroundings, known as Kerama Blue, and are sacred places for marine leisure such as diving and snorkeling. In addition to authentic marine leisure, there are many attractions such as swimming and sea turtle watching. It's a short walk from Hotel Aquaticttana to the Port of Tomari, so many of our guests stay as a base for sightseeing in Kerama.

      • Nagannu Island

        According to one theory, the elongated islands of Okinawa are called the "Nanagannu Island" because they are long and elongated in the Okinawan dialect. The island is a spawning spot for sea turtles and rare seabirds in the world, and plants such as palms, monkeys and adhans grow naturally. Access is approximately 10 minutes by boat from Tomari Port (commonly known as Tomarin), which is a short walk from the hotel.
      • Umikaji Terrace

        Senagajima Umikaji Terrace is a commercial facility located on a slope adjacent to the west coast of Senagashima, approximately 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport. The annual number of visitors to Okinawa is about 2,900,000,000, and is a popular spot in Okinawa. There are more than 40 restaurants, including Okinawan specialty fruits and vegetables, gourmet desserts shops centered on local menus, and Made in OKINAWA jewelry and craft shops, making this a tourist destination that you can't miss if you come to Okinawa.
      • Churaumi Aquarium

        Okinawa's sea-an ocean expo park where dolphins can interact with each other, including experiencing the abundance of nature and history and culture. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the most popular spots in Ocean Expo Park. The aquarium expands into the majestic world of Okinawa's mysterious creatures. You can see large-scale coral breeding exhibits at the "Coral Sea" aquarium, where the sun's rays shine. The Kuroshio Sea, the world's largest whale shark and the world's first large-scale tank, the Kuroshio Sea, can be observed. In addition, you can experience the ocean of Okinawa in its entirety into a "deep sea" tank that reproduces the mysterious deep waters of Okinawa.
      • Kokusai Dori

        This is the main street of Naha City, the largest city in Okinawa. The streets lined with palm trees are lined with restaurants and souvenir shops, making it an indispensable spot for tourists. The sound of Sanshin, a traditional Okinawan music culture, comes from various stores, so you can feel that you are visiting Okinawa just by walking.
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