See-through pool

  • アクアチッタナハ プール

Notice of Fee for Swimming Pool

Only hotels guests can use the see-through pool.

■ 10:00-19:00
Usage fee: Free

■ 19:00-23:00
[Usage fee]
3 types: 1,000 yen/1 person, 1,800 yen/1 person, 2,500 yen/2 people
[Special benefits]
1,000 yen (1 drink ticket)
1,800 yen (2 drink ticket)
2,500 yen (3 drink tickets) + 30 minutes free darts

Age Restrictions: Only available for over18 years old

Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed even if accompanied by a guardians.

  • アクアチッタ 夜のオールシーズンプール
    All Season Pool

All Season Pool

You will be able to enjoy it all season long, even in the winter season, comfortably transcending the limitations of the previous seasons. You can experience the feeling of being one with the sky when you put your body into the warm water. Why don't you enjoy a new urban resort in an extraordinary space?

See-through pool

On the rooftop floor of Hotel AQUA CITTA Naha, there is the only See-through pool in Naha City. In front of the hotel is National Highway 58, the main highway on the main island of Okinawa, so you can enjoy swimming as if you were flying over the highway. You can also view the city's nightscape and sunset from the swimming pool, which is located at a height in Naha City. There is a bar next to the swimming pool, so please enjoy the best resort space.
Please refrain from using the pool with tattoos.
Tattoos and rash guards are available for purchase at the front desk.

You can enjoy different scenery from day to night

The swimming pool is available until 23 p.m.and you can see the changing scenery of Naha. During the day, visitors can view Shuri Castle from the swimming pool, and enjoy the swimming pool while enjoying the sunshine of Okinawa. At night, you can enjoy an adult time with a panoramic view of Naha City.

Jugsy entering while feeling Okinawa

Many people think that jacuzzi is hot because it's hot, but if you dip it in a little jacuzzi, you can experience a pleasant breeze that you rarely get in your daily life. You can also spend a luxurious time drinking alcohol.

    アクアチッタナハ ロゴ

    Hotel AQUA CITTA Naha
    〒900-0016 3-2-20 Maejima, Naha, Okinawa, Japan
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